Buy books and help kids! JuMP on it! ;)

My little sister (some of you have met her at book conferences) is on the board of directors for a local organization called JuMP (Junior Mentoring Programs.) JuMP is an organization very similar to Big Brothers Big Sisters that services the Eastern Panhandle of WV. According to JuMP’s website, they serve at-risk children between the ages of 6 and 18 who are primarily from single parent homes, grandparent headed homes, homes where one or both parents have been incarcerated, or low income homes.

Side note: My sis is the youngest member of the board pretty cool, huh? I might be a little proud. 😉

Now, here’s where the books come in. 😉 JuMP is currently having an auction of all kinds of cool stuff from custom artwork, photographs, spa days, and of course BOOKS! *claps* You can bid on a signed copy of Soul Survivor and some miscellaneous goodies. Plus II saw a few signed Jennifer L. Armentrout books while I was browsing the auction. (I might start a bidding war on those pretties.)

Now you might be saying that’s all well and good Michelle but I’m no where near West Virginia. NO WORRIES! Most auction items can be shipped to you for an additional fee if you win the auction (just check the details for each auction item at the bottom of the auction page.) 😉 Here’s the links so you can bid away if you so choose.

Complete list of auction items.

Signed copy of Soul Survivor

Some JLA books. 😉

Happy bidding…remember its for a good cause so don’t hold back!

If you want to read more about JuMP check out their website HERE.

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