From tears and heartache to joy and optimism! Hello 2015!

As I sit here at my desk reflecting back on this year, it’s astounding how a woman who rang in 2014 with tears and heartache is ready to jump into 2015 with joy and optimism. If I hopped in my time machine and went back to December 31st, 2013–I’d never have believed I could be in this place–smiling and laughing freely. There’s no doubt one horrible moment changed me forever but that moment no longer defines everything I am. Surviving tragedy doesn’t mean you’re bound by the shackles of its pain for the rest of your life. No, it’s just a storm on your path of life. The scars will always remain and sometimes the grief still takes my breath away but that’s okay. I can reflect on the constant flood of memories with a smile rather than a bleeding heart. That’s a miracle of epic proportions.

In sending off 2014, I have to take a few moments to share my gratitude for your hand in this miracle.

Thank you to everyone who held me in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you to those who embraced me when I ugly cried.

Thank you to those who sent kind words and encouragement when I needed it most. (You have no idea how many times in the darkest hours you saved me.)

Thank you to those who refused to let me spend too much time alone in my house.

Thank you to those who managed to make me laugh through the tears.

Thank you to those who just sat with me–no words necessary.

Thank you to those who kept my house in order, my pets fed, and my belly full when I couldn’t.

Thank you to those who listened and reminded me that it was not only okay to be sad but it was a necessary part of healing.

Thank you to those who believed I would get through this and gave me hope for a better tomorrow.

Thank you to those who said I was strong even when I didn’t believe you. (FYI – I believe you now.)

Thank you to the Big Guy in the Sky who continues to provide for me–great opportunities, amazing people, and most of all who put the joy back in my broken heart and the sparkle back in my eyes.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there will never be enough thank you’s in the world for all you’ve done for me. <3

In looking ahead, I must confess I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions mostly because they’re quickly forgotten and left in the mess of confetti come the afternoon of New Years Day. However, goals are something I can get on board with. 😉  I’ve got lots of things on my list for 2015–books to write, classes to teach, and even some tax work (I know I can’t seem to escape that menace.) Also, I’m getting healthy–I’ve already started and continue to add new habits for success. But the most important goal I have for 2015 is to live and I mean really live! I’m going to try new things, meet new people, push my limits, spread positive vibes, and shine as bright as possible. 2015 is my year of freedom and I can’t wait!

I wish you a 2015 filled with love, hugs, and happiness! Happy New Year! I hope it holds all you dreamed of and then some!

Motivation Monday #HaveFaith

FINALLY after a year and a half filled with some super CRAPPY things and some super AWESOME things I finished (and sent to my editor) the first draft of my second book–Soul Searcher!!! I’ve been talking about it for quite some time and was starting to wonder if I’d ever get it done. With life dragging me down and the story giving me way too many feels it was hard. I had to take a break from it more than once BUT I did it!

How? Well besides my amazing support system. It was faith. I had faith in myself. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a book, going back to school, starting a family, or starting a new life–no matter what you do have faith.

When the chips are down. Have faith.

When the storm rolls in. Have faith.

When you can’t get out of bed. Have faith.

Faith in yourself and others the greatest give you can give. Yeah, you might let yourself down or others might disappoint you. But keep the faith and you’ll see there’s no greater gift than looking back at where you stumbled to reach the mountain top you’re standing on now.

Don’t give up. Have faith in yourself and remember I have faith in you.

If there’s a friend in need of a pick me up today or if its yourself take a moment and tell someone you have faith in them. #ShareTheLove #HaveFaith #MotivationMonday