Motivation Monday #HaveFaith

FINALLY after a year and a half filled with some super CRAPPY things and some super AWESOME things I finished (and sent to my editor) the first draft of my second book–Soul Searcher!!! I’ve been talking about it for quite some time and was starting to wonder if I’d ever get it done. With life dragging me down and the story giving me way too many feels it was hard. I had to take a break from it more than once BUT I did it!

How? Well besides my amazing support system. It was faith. I had faith in myself. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a book, going back to school, starting a family, or starting a new life–no matter what you do have faith.

When the chips are down. Have faith.

When the storm rolls in. Have faith.

When you can’t get out of bed. Have faith.

Faith in yourself and others the greatest give you can give. Yeah, you might let yourself down or others might disappoint you. But keep the faith and you’ll see there’s no greater gift than looking back at where you stumbled to reach the mountain top you’re standing on now.

Don’t give up. Have faith in yourself and remember I have faith in you.

If there’s a friend in need of a pick me up today or if its yourself take a moment and tell someone you have faith in them. #ShareTheLove #HaveFaith #MotivationMonday


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