Sticks & Stones (A Love Hugs & Sunshine post)

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” What a load of crap. No offense to the author of those words but seriously we all know better, right? I remember when I first published Soul Survivor I was telling a friend numbers are safe but words–words are dangerous! Words can hurt or they can heal. Words can express our hearts or build walls to hide our souls. Words are powerful–whether spoken or written.

Let me tell you something about kind words. Those are some of the most powerful words EVER! We should start calling compliments superhero fuel or something cause they are. Genuine words of encouragement and affirmation those are the kind of words that give you wings and those kind of wings last way longer than that can of Red Bull you just chugged. Haha! (I crack myself up.)

But seriously, think about it. Positive words have an intense power! I’ve been fortunate to have so many encouragers and lifters in my life–some of them have known me since I was a little tiny baby and some I’ve just met and some don’t even know my name or my story. When I start to become all Negative Nancy “I’m not good enough for this” and “I’m not good enough to that” I focus on those positive words from them and sometimes (brace yourselves) I even compliment myself or at least take the time to remember where I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished, and where I want to go. There’s a quote I see circling Facebook often and it says something like, “If you’re reading this you’ve survived your life thus far. Great job!” I’m paraphrasing there but you get the gist. Sometimes we get so hung up on negative stuff that we forget to look at all the good things. And there’s no worse enemy than that mean voice inside your head that likes to replay all the nasty things people have said.

Haters gonna hate. But they’ve got their own battle to fight. Doesn’t mean you’ve got to get dragged down into their dark muck. There’s SO much negativity out there–you don’t need an extra negative voice inside your noggin! Kick it to the curb!

Today instead of throwing sticks, stones, and negative sentiments give someone a compliment, a smile, and heck make sure to do the same for yourself! And if you feel like an awkward weirdo giving someone words of encouragement don’t worry–you’re not alone. I’m an awkward weirdo too. We have a secret club. And it’s super fun–it involves lots of laughing, smiling, and super cool dance moves. I haven’t found a good name for it yet but I’m liking Club Love Hugs & Sunshine or maybe the Secret Sunshine Society. 😀

Have yourself an awesome Thursday! Make it as beautiful and lovely as you are! (Cause you are that and so much more!)

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