Beauty in Darkness – Beautifully Majestic Vultures

Today as I looked across the field I watched two vultures fly and it was a beautifully majestic sight. Vultures? Beautifully majestic? Have you lost it Michelle? (Do you really need to ask that question? LOL!) In all seriousness, have you ever watched two fly together? The way they circle through the air, spiraling. The wind lifting them up, pushing them down, and yet they keep moving. Sometimes being pushed apart, sometimes being pulled together. But when they get too far off course they flap their wings and return to each other.

Sometimes the winds of life push us off course and it seems as if we’ll never be able to get back where we belong. The place we want to be. The wind, the trial, life happens and suddenly we feel lost, frightened, and too far-gone. We don’t know where we are. We don’t know who we are. We don’t know where we’re supposed to go.

What am I doing?

Where am I flying?

What if I fall?

Who will find me?

Will anyone even care I’ve fallen?

Then a voice calls—a friend, a stranger, an angel. At first it sounds distant, unreachable but they call again a little louder this time. The wind dies down just long enough for us to hear their voice. In that moment we make the decision to turn back to them—to turn back to our course. We turn and catch a glimpse of our saving grace.

They attempt to move towards us. We attempt to move towards them but again the wind forces us back. Weary winged we fall but right before we reach our impending doom the winds stop and our saving grace calls out to us once more. This time they swoop down beside us. We fly, dance in winged spirals around one another—the air beneath our disheveled feathers pushing each other up.

And again we fly. Back on course. Remembering all is never lost.

We are never alone.

Things are not always what they seem.

Hard times are not always a curse. Some of the greatest blessings are cloaked in layers hardship. The more time and determination it takes to unravel, the greater the reward.

Perspective is everything. Today choose to see the good. And if your wings are weary keep flying—you’re not alone. Never give up on your blessing. It might be buried beneath layers of dirt and rocks or concealed by treacherous winds and violent storms but it’s there waiting for you to finish the fight and revel in its majestic beauty.

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