Mushy Moment #ILoveLove

I love love. No, that’s not a typo I love love. I adore it. And not just the cheesy ABC Family/Hallmark Channel Christmas movie love but the real life nitty gritty love. You know, the authentic real stuff where two humans love each other in spite of their faults. It amazes me how I can read a post and can practically feel the adoration emanating from the computer screen. Or when you see that couple that has been married for years and they still have such beautiful bond between them. It can’t be fully described but when you see it, you not only know it but you FEEL it.

There’s so many types of love—the new love where two people are so enraptured they have no idea they’ve fallen so deeply. Then there’s enduring love—a love that has fought the curve balls of life and managed to come out on top again and again.

I’ve been so lucky to witness all kinds of love in my life. Certainly I’ve seen the tragic and the heartbreak of love lost in it’s many awful forms, but it’s the enduring love, the real love that warms my heart the most. Whenever I bid you “love, hugs, and sunshine” know from the depths of my heart I’m wishing you this unending, enduring, infinite, always and forever love.

Some might label me a hopeless romantic but I prefer to be called a HOPEFUL romantic—there’s nothing hopeless about love. Obviously this is why I love to read and write romance. There can never be enough love in the world. 😉

As we close out 2015 and roll into 2016 remember to never give up on love. Sometimes it can be tough and scary but be a brave little soldier. Keep believing in love and all things wonderful. When it shows up on your doorstep be prepared so you don’t accidentally trip over it. Don’t worry if you fall into love though, I hear falling’s the best part. <3

#LoveHugsAndSunshine #AlwaysAndForever #EnduringLove

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