What I’ve Learned About Waiting #WednesdayWisdom

I ran across this quote on Word Porn‘s facebook page last night (LOVE THAT PAGE! You should go LIKE it) shortly after having a conversation with a good friend about waiting.

12552927_747798712022634_3019395551599867559_nShauna Niequist’s words combined with the earlier conversation got me thinking, boy is the in-between/waiting period difficult! When I think about waiting, I see this place where you must sit still and be inactive. I don’t need to remind you NOT moving while you’re waiting on something makes everything feel worse! Not fun.

When I was a little girl I remember how I couldn’t wait for Christmas and the closer the 25th came the more anxious I became. I remember saying to my Grandma, “I can’t wait for Christmas! It’s taking forever to get here!” I was driving my little self wild with anticipation. My Grandma’s reply, “It’s only one day. Once it gets here it will be all over then you’ll have to wait for a whole year for it to come again. Then what will you do?”

That childhood memory seemed to fit my line of thinking as I sat down to write this post. Sometimes we rush life away and allow ourselves to get tied up on the end results keeping us from enjoying the “in-between” or the waiting period.

My life has been filled with many periods of waiting followed by a short burst of fulfillment only to be sent back into the waiting period.

We have this skewed perception of time when we’re in periods of waiting as if time moves slower, when in reality its our impatience making us feel that way. If you think waiting means you should sit around at stare at the wall until things start happening, that’s the root of your grief. Waiting doesn’t mean being inactive.

I remember being so sad, grief stricken, and desolate for so long (and there’s certainly a time for that but there’s also a time to leave that place behind.) When I was in that dark place, every day felt long and torturous. While I waited for relief I went through a cycle of emotions–waiting, hoping, and then doubting the day would ever come that I’d feel better again. Miraculously enough, once I took an active role in waiting and shifted my focus from how badly I wanted to feel better and how long the process was taking and turned my energy into doing and moving and growing, waiting didn’t seem so arduous anymore. I went to counseling and found other healthy outlets to nurse and heal my wounds like growing my spirituality, spending time with loved ones, and establishing a new routine which meant cleaning the house on a regular basis again (hey I didn’t say all these things were fun.) I took an active role in my waiting period. (Just to clarify I didn’t force my recovery when you force things it never ends well instead I busied myself with positive activities.) I was moving around my waiting period instead of staring at the clock on the wall watching the minutes tick by.

To my surprise, my time of relief arrived and not only did the light return to my heart but a stronger sense of peace and joy did as well. During my waiting period, I’d grown not only back to my “old” level but into a newer stronger level. Hmm, so I really wasn’t JUST waiting but I was also GROWING. And Growing sounds pretty ACTIVE to me.

Writing this post has reminded me that waiting is an inevitable part of life but if we remember to see it as a period of growing it feels a little better. Growth is an active positive thing–it’s not always easy but it’s always worth it. If you’re waiting for something today don’t stand still watching the hands of the clock, instead busy your hands, your mind, your heart and grow! Work don’t wait! Whatever you’re waiting on will arrive in due time. Keep living in the “in-between” times. I agree with Shauna that’s where the real beauty lies.

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  1. Derek Mola says:

    I heart you.

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