If You’re Hurting… #DontGiveUp #YoureNeverAlone

I’ve felt the shock waves of loss recently with so many people around me being touched by its sharp blade. It breaks my heart. While I don’t know what their unique loss is like (and every loss is unique) I’ve known loss and the darkness it inflicts upon us.

If you’re hurting today this message is for you. Remember in your dark times, you are never alone. Never ever forget that. You’ll feel lonely. You’ll feel abandoned. You’ll feel all sorts of awful things but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE believe me when I say you’re never alone. People will do their best to comfort you with words and sentiments and while well placed they will fall short of healing your pain. But that’s okay.  We shouldn’t expect them to. Besides if I had a magic wand that would heal your hurts I’d be waving it away but we all know it doesn’t work like that.

Take a breath and know that while this hurts now and it doesn’t make sense it won’t hurt like this forever. Our minds like to cling to the negative on a good day so on a bad one it can easily be overrun with acidic, pessimistic thoughts. Fight to ignore them.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to get angry. It’s okay to want to hide from the world. Give yourself time to feel and time to heal. But it’s NOT okay to be self-destructive. Take care of yourself. When you feel like you’re drowning reach for help—a friend, a family member, a counselor, a pastor, someone. Don’t be ashamed that you feel defeated—it’s normal. But never give up. It’s going to hurt whether you give up or whether you turn your heart towards hope. Choose the latter.  Don’t give up on healing. Don’t give up on hope.

In these moments, you might wonder where God is or why He let this happen to you or why it had to happen at all. I’m not saying you’ll get an answer and let’s be honest if you did, would it really change the pain? Would it vindicate the part of your life that’s now gone? Most likely, no it won’t.

In these hard times, don’t run from God. Pray. Pray hard. If you’ve never experienced the power of prayer this will sound completely nuts to you but to those of you who have, you fully understand my words. He hasn’t turned his back on you so don’t turn from Him. If you ask for help, He’ll show up. He did in my life and continues to do so. He will do the same for you. Again this isn’t a magical wand type of thing but when you start to feel it you’ll understand the miracle that it truly is. Inexplicable waves of comfort, peace, and strength will fill your heart. Just ask for help.

Don’t give up. I promise the sun will shine again but in the meantime know this is not the end. Love lives on—always and forever. It may change forms but real love never dies. And I’m praying for you—just like so many amazing people have prayed for me.

And I love you. Sending love, hugs, and sunshine. Always and Forever.

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