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It’s no secret (especially if you’re my Facebook friend) that I adore quotes. I share them at least once at day if not multiple times and that’s with me exercising self-control.

Now there are a few quotes that continually pop up in my timeline that get me a little fired up and feisty. They say things like…

“Pain changes people. It makes them trust less, overthink more, and shut people out.”

Or something about how some people have a part of their heart that’s off limits because of something that happened in the past and because of that they will never open up again.

Oh and how could I forget the ones that talk about the best revenge is–insert some malicious self serving behavior that will do nothing but cause unnecessary hurt.

Right now I’m trying to control my typical eye roll response to these in order to be able to write a decent blog post but I’m struggling. *insert eye roll*

These kinds of quotes and line of thinking upset me because they aren’t true. They’re lies and/or behaviors that aren’t going to do anything but cause pain and more drama. Oh and let’s not forget that not everyone is like that! Case and point not everyone who has been hurt shuts people out!

I have this insatiable desire to show people, to help people, to teach people to live life to the fullest. I want everyone to open their eyes and see that life is so much more than petty drama, working a job you hate (and complaining about it non-stop), and living in the land of self loathing where pity parties are all the rage.

Why? Why do I care so much about this? Because I’ve been there and that place sucks! Majorly! But what I know is that you can change your life. It can be so much better! All you have to do it is start by changing your mind and how you think.

Here’s the best part—you can do that for free! You know I like a good deal! This is seriously the best deal all the way around! 😉

I challenge you to live a life of grace, mercy, and abundance. That’s right—it’s on now. *insert head bob*

Yes, pain sucks in all its forms—I challenge you to love anyways. Open your heart—you might get hurt but would you rather risk not giving or receiving real love because you’d rather be stuck on Isolated Island?

Yeah people do crappy things sometimes but I bet you’ve done some things you aren’t proud of so show mercy and forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t constitute a pass for bad behavior instead it’s letting go of the hurt that keeps you from living an abundant life.

If you do these things—show mercy and grace, grant forgiveness, and love with all your heart I can guarantee you—you’re going to win at life. That’s right—you will be a WINNER!!! I don’t know about you but I like to win. 😀

Even if you fail at this, you’ll still come out ahead because you’re going to be filling the world with good things instead of all the nonsense, drama, garbage out there.

I’m not backing down from this challenge. How about you?

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