The Question of Why #GriefConfessions #HopeForTheHurting

As I was working on my grief book today I thought these words might provide some much needed comfort. Between all the horrible things happening in Orlando and in my community I’ve been moved to share this.

The question of why. In my days spent grieving I’ve learned there’s no gratification in understanding why. Why did your loved one die? Why were innocent lives taken way too soon? You can ask why over and over and over but in my experience being stuck in the trap of why’s did nothing but frustrate me and continuously re-break my already shattered heart. It was like I kept stabbing myself in the arm and then wondered when I would stop bleeding, when the wound would stop aching. Stupid, right? Yeah, I thought so, too. And stupid is not a way I prefer to describe myself. Hopefully I can save you from the same fate. <3

Maybe we’ll find out why on the other side. Maybe we won’t. Maybe the reason of why truly doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s how we take this loss and grow. How we take the broken moments of our lives and use them to provide others with a comforting hug, an understanding ear, and words filled with hope. Or merely just letting them know they aren’t alone in their pain.

It’s okay not to understand. It’s okay to want to find a reason but more importantly it’s okay to accept that no reason will ever be good enough. And once you accept that you’ll stop looking for a reason in hopes that it will satiate your pain. It won’t. I repeat, it won’t.

No reason will take away the pain just like alcohol, drugs, sex, or even denial and complete avoidance won’t take away the pain of loss either. Often they just make a bad situation messier, harder, and more difficult on everyone.

I know many of you are hurting, heartbroken, confused, and even angry but take those feelings and use them to motivate you to good acts. Allow those feelings to push you to hold out your hand, to hug the hurting, to help the weary, to just flat out LOVE one another.

If these words helped you at all, please share them. Hopefully together we can start a ripple effect of love and compassion to override the tidal wave of pain and devastation.

#LoveHugsAndSunshine #Prayers #LoveAlwaysAndForever

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