My Bleeding Heart #YoureNotAlone #Grief #KeepMoving

My heart bleeds with sympathy, with the ache of loss, and with the hurt of this world. My heart bleeds for my community and the way death has made its brutal appearance known. My heart aches for those left with memories of a person no longer breathing. My heart aches for the battles they face today and the ones waiting in tomorrows. There’s truly a deep ache in my chest for all the loss. Tears don’t glisten in my eyes but when death knocks on the door I think of those left to deal with the aftermath and the ache returns to my heart.

I was editing my grief book yesterday and while I felt such a sense of accomplishment for how many pages I got through it leaves me with a rawness. I don’t want to talk nor do I have anything to talk about. It actually leaves my head empty and that’s bizarre considering the amount of thoughts I have in a day. I don’t text my friends and I barely socialize. I don’t feel sad merely quiet almost void of emotion.

There’s been another wave of losses in my community and with each one it triggers the same response. A bleeding, aching heart. Maybe if I could cry for their pain the ache wouldn’t reside in my chest. Or maybe that ache has become my defense mechanism to keep from backsliding into that dreaded, dark world of grief.

Regardless, I feel your losses. I hurt for the children who lost a parent, for parents who lost a child, and for significant others who lost their love, and every other relationship lost to death. I deeply and profoundly hurt for you and with you.

One of the biggest reason I’m even torturing myself with writing my story of grieving is so  that you know you’re not alone in your suffering and to show you there is redemption and healing ahead. It happens, but right now isn’t the time to think about that. When you’ve lost someone, the most important piece of advice I can give you is to feel. Feel everything. Cry. Get angry. Hug one another. Whatever it is you need to do. Allow yourself to feel this but don’t forget that these feelings are temporary. There is hope for healing. Hope for so many wonderful things.

Today if you’re mourning a recent loss or one that’s lingering, please remember you’re not alone. Don’t give up just yet. Keep fighting through the pain, eventually the rain will subside and you’ll be able to find light within the darkness.

In the meantime know I’m praying for you because that’s the greatest gift I can give. Prayers saved my life and so I’m passing that along. Life changes but it goes on because love never dies. And since love never dies, neither do we. We merely change forms.

#ThisIsTemporary #LoveNeverDies #KeepFighting #KeepMoving #YoureNotAlone

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