Turn Off The Noise, Turn Up The Love #ChangeTheWorld #HappyIndependenceDay

Noise. There’s so much noise out there, so much negativity, unfairness, and complete darkness. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by it and worst of all to actually believe in its all consuming nature. Hope, love, and faith have become overshadowed, like those ideals are things of fairy tales. But they are just as real as disappointments, despair, and hate. It’s “easier” or at least perceived to be by most, to expect the worst and be shocked by the best. Like good things are miracles of a lifetime and everyone is out to hurt us. Thus we live on guard constantly. We build walls upon walls around our beautiful hearts. We are the ones that put ourselves in dark places. When we peer out from behind our walls we are shocked to find no light or a dim one at best murmuring to ourselves, “I knew it! This is why I hide here in my self-made dungeon. It’s safer here.” Even though we forget we are the fools that put ourselves there.

We allow ourselves to be ruled by pain and fear instead of love and hope. Pain leaves deep gashes in our hearts but once we stop allowing the ache of our wounds to control us and allow the love in we can feel loved deeper than before our heart was wounded. Sometimes we get too busy holding onto the cold darkness of pain that we don’t allow the warm comfort of love in. Be brave. Find a way to let it in.

We live the same way (not giving too much of ourselves to the world) and wonder why nothing changes. We complain about “the problems” without giving thought to a loving solution. It’s easier to run our mouths instead of moving our hands. And for those that are moved to action sometimes it seems like an uphill battle. Don’t give up. Keep fighting the good fight.

As we think of today, our Independence Day, it’s time for us to fight again like our forefathers did. We live in a country of freedom but we choose whether it’s the freedom to be ruled by oppressive weight of negativity or the freedom to go against the grain and turn our country into one filled with respect, compassion, and love. It’s glaringly obvious that a large root of our “problems” stems from a lack of love. It’s time for us to make a change. The solution starts with a smile, a prayer, a hug, or any act of kindness. No good act is ever too small to start a positive change.

We get what we give. We have to expect more to get more.

It’s time we start giving goodness, expecting greatness, and leaving the light of love wherever we go.

For as I’ve seen darkness, I’ve seen light, love, and goodness. Light trumps the dark every time. Love is greater. And I know this because I’ve lived it. I know this because I’m reminded daily of the miracles in my life—the friends who send silly messages to make me laugh when I’m down, the stranger who holds the door open, the hugs received that warm me from the outside in. Love is alive. Hope is alive. Let’s open our eyes to see it, our hearts to feel it, and our hands to start sharing it freely.


Miracles happen every day, big and small.

Never give up on your always and forever.

And don’t stop fighting the good fight.

#LoveHugsAndSunshine #HappyIndependenceDay #GiveLove #ChangeTheWorld #ShareTheLove #WarriorsOfLove #DontGiveUp


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