Somehow the Light Gets in #GriefReflections #Gratitude #AugustBirthdayBabes

August is a month filled with the birth of so many amazing people in my life both past and present. Today we celebrate one of my favoritest people, my mama and next week is Chris’s birthday. I’ve been a little mopey this week. Getting back into the groove of teaching and all of my peeps busy with other commitments, I’ve spent more time than usual at home.

Even so, I’ve accomplished some super cool things this week and made some plans that even when I tell people about them I think how is this my life?! In a positive way. 😉 With all this alone time I start to reflect on all the amazing people who were born in August, who’ve changed my life, AND all the ways my heart has (and continues to) change. Taking a few moments to think on the people in your life who make it better will fill your heart with gratitude, or at least it always does mine.

The last two years I begrudgingly waited and endured the final week of August and the dawn of September. Why? Because of birthdays. Those reminders on the calendar that come September I’m getting older and come August 31st Chris isn’t. I used to think I would never get over this, the pain in my heart would never let up, and I’d always despise this time of year when it once brought me such joy. I truly believed, down in my soul that I would never embrace another birthday with pure joy rather than obligation. I was wrong. I’m so SO happy I was wrong.

The bittersweet remains when I think of Chris’s birthday but there’s a difference between that feeling and the feeling of intense dread and sorrow. I’m so grateful those feelings have fled my heart. I’m not saying this to brag, I’m sharing this because if you feel this way (full of dread and sorrow) know it won’t last forever. Put your hope in knowing one day your heart will change. When it has had ample time to mend, things WILL change.

There are so many things happening in my life—opportunities and wonderful people that remind me of how far I’ve come and where I’m going. I’m so thankful God has put all these puzzle pieces together. I’ve managed to do things I’d never thought I could and prove that nagging negative voice in my head wrong. You can do the same. You have the same “powers” that I do.

Life is truly one grand adventure filled with all sorts of hurts and healing, setbacks and successes. The more you learn to find the happy in the everyday the more fulfilling your life will be. I’m grateful for a mom, who’s always taught me to put on my shades and find the sun through the clouds. And who reminds me to always be a brave little soldier and never give up.

I’m passing those lessons on to you. My life has become a testimony that it’s possible to beat the sorrows of life and those lessons are legit real deal life occurrences. Crap is always going to be slung your way. The real winners find the best ways to dodge it or clean it off when it hits them. No matter how dark things may be remember somehow, someway, the light always gets in. Open your eyes and see it.

May your last few days of August be filled with love, hugs, and sunshine! To all my August birthday babes, it’s been a great month and I’m so glad you were born, even if the coolest people are born in September! 😉 <3

#NeverGiveUpOnYourAlwaysAndForever #GriefReflections #LoveHugsAndSunshine #AugustBirthdayBabes


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