The Problem with Intangibility, Faith, and Feelings #MyConfessions

It’s in our nature to need to see and hold things. We need that tangibility, that physical proof. It’s not enough for us to hear something. We need to see it. It’s not enough for us to smell something. We need to see it. Seeing is believing—well most of the time.

But how about those feelings we have? Those internal, intangible nudges that alert us to danger, to lies, to love, and to look past the tangible surface. Those feelings that at times make us feel like we’re nuts because we don’t have any physical evidence. (Story of my life right there, feeling like a crazy lady.)

Being human means we have a need for the tangible—physical affection, affirmations, and confirmations. We need that embrace to know we are loved just as much as we need to see those degrees on the wall to determine qualifications.

Seeing with our eyes is such a small part of our senses. It’s a part of using our head, right? But what about our hearts? What about those intangible emotions? Those feelings we have that don’t always makes sense or align with what’s in front of us. Those inklings that something is wrong below that surface smile of a loved one or when you see a couple together and can instantly see they’re in love or parading around as such.

Why don’t we trust our feelings, our gut reactions more often? Why don’t we use our sense of feeling (not the physical touch) but that intangible intuition that lets us know something is off or something is even better than it appears?

There’s lots of reasons but a major one is we lack faith. We lack faith in ourselves, in God,  and in the world around us. Faith is brutally tough and yet incredibly rewarding. Faith doesn’t always give us that instant confirmation of “yep you totally nailed it” or “nope, you totally missed the boat on that one,” but with time and patience we often see the results of our faith and it’s usually a positive outcome.

Even though inside we feel those nudges of truth from our faith often the physical world doesn’t show it. I struggle with faith and I struggle with feelings, which is why I push myself to understand them. There is immense power and strength in both.

Instead of brushing those gut reactions under the rug and shoving those feelings into the closet, we need to consider them. Spend a little time pondering them, working through them. Once you consider them—their truths and their falsehoods, they become tools in your arsenal to conquer life. You can take the blades once shoved into your heart, pull them out, and stitch the wounds. Once you clean off those blades that were meant to harm you, you have an arsenal of weapons to protect yourself (and others) with. It’s kind of cool to think about it that way. 😉

Understanding your feelings, means taking what was meant for your harm and turning it into something meant for your good. Feelings only kill us if we let them. And they kill us by letting those wounds inflicted on us to fester with the wretched infection of avoidance and denial. By avoiding the unseen we allow ourselves to become ill, but if we harness the powers of faith and those “gut” feelings we can rise above our humanity a bit. We move one step close to fully becoming the person we were born to be, not just that Neanderthal sulking in the dark, dank cave.

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Don’t forget there’s so much more to the world than what we physically see. Faith allows us to see with our hearts what our eyes cannot. Have faith and harness those feelings!

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You Are Brave #LoveHugsAndSunshine #YouAreBrave

Have you ever met someone who is brave? Have you watched them in awe in how they handle life? The way that person can take their hardship (whether physical, mental, or somewhere in between) and remain strong, humble, and positive. The way they can take their trials and turn it into an example of victory.

I’ve been blessed to witness bravery in my life. I’m surrounded with brave people making their own way through insecurities and obstacles. It’s inspiring and incredibly moving. It makes me so proud to know them.

There’s something I’ve noticed about these people—they have no idea how incredibly brave they truly are.

Often times they feel weak or beaten or that anyone else in their shoes would react the same way. They are humble sometimes to a fault only because they cannot see their own bravado. But at the same time their humility is what gives them true strength.

We tend to think that being brave means there’s no fear, there’s no nagging negative voice, there’s no pain. But true bravery is standing your ground with a positive attitude, armed for the fight while internally the wicked voice keeps whispering words of defeat in your ear. It’s standing in front of the mirror wondering how am I going to conquer this, is it even possible? What if I fail? What if I’m not strong enough? It’s having a heart aching with pain, a mind racing with bad memories, but deciding try regardless.

The brave take a step forward anyways. They make their own way in spite of it all.

Being brave ISN’T easy and yet to the outside eye we often think, “Look at how brave they are. They walk as if they have no idea of their obstacles.”

BUT truly what makes them brave is how they walk forward, push onward, knowing everything can go wrong but holding on to the faith and hope that it won’t. Being brave is having the strength to pick up your own baggage (full of fears, insecurities, pain, and past hurts) and move on with purpose, march on with a smile, carry on with a heart full of hope and faith.

If you’re questioning your bravery today, take note. Being brave isn’t about lack of fear or worry; it’s about forging forward in spite of such.

As my mom always says, “Be a brave little soldier.” Take a moment to realize you are brave, you are strong, and you are courageous. It’s not about the fall. It’s about how you choose to rise from it.


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