You Are Brave #LoveHugsAndSunshine #YouAreBrave

Have you ever met someone who is brave? Have you watched them in awe in how they handle life? The way that person can take their hardship (whether physical, mental, or somewhere in between) and remain strong, humble, and positive. The way they can take their trials and turn it into an example of victory.

I’ve been blessed to witness bravery in my life. I’m surrounded with brave people making their own way through insecurities and obstacles. It’s inspiring and incredibly moving. It makes me so proud to know them.

There’s something I’ve noticed about these people—they have no idea how incredibly brave they truly are.

Often times they feel weak or beaten or that anyone else in their shoes would react the same way. They are humble sometimes to a fault only because they cannot see their own bravado. But at the same time their humility is what gives them true strength.

We tend to think that being brave means there’s no fear, there’s no nagging negative voice, there’s no pain. But true bravery is standing your ground with a positive attitude, armed for the fight while internally the wicked voice keeps whispering words of defeat in your ear. It’s standing in front of the mirror wondering how am I going to conquer this, is it even possible? What if I fail? What if I’m not strong enough? It’s having a heart aching with pain, a mind racing with bad memories, but deciding try regardless.

The brave take a step forward anyways. They make their own way in spite of it all.

Being brave ISN’T easy and yet to the outside eye we often think, “Look at how brave they are. They walk as if they have no idea of their obstacles.”

BUT truly what makes them brave is how they walk forward, push onward, knowing everything can go wrong but holding on to the faith and hope that it won’t. Being brave is having the strength to pick up your own baggage (full of fears, insecurities, pain, and past hurts) and move on with purpose, march on with a smile, carry on with a heart full of hope and faith.

If you’re questioning your bravery today, take note. Being brave isn’t about lack of fear or worry; it’s about forging forward in spite of such.

As my mom always says, “Be a brave little soldier.” Take a moment to realize you are brave, you are strong, and you are courageous. It’s not about the fall. It’s about how you choose to rise from it.


#LoveHugsAndSunshine #YouAreBrave

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