Friday Night Poetry #Sunlight


Untitled designSunlight

And now I stand in sunlight

The clouds have come to break

I think of those who helped me

Pull me from its wake


Now looking back I can see

How strong the storm made me


The weight of all my worries

No longer course through my blood


The shelter friendship gave

The umbrella passed along

Kept me on the track

Of surviving this great storm


I know not what lies ahead

More storms may rumble on

But no longer does it matter

For your love has pushed me on


No one should ever endure such a horrific storm


For no reason could suffice

The loss of such a precious life


But some things in this world are not for us to know


So when the storm finds your path

Remember what I’ve learned

The strength within your heart

Is greater than you know


When the winds drag you down

I’ll reach out my hand

You’ll pull yourself up

And begin again


The bumps they will be plenty

The rains will whip and roll

Though it all seems endless

Never give up hope


For it’s not the storm that changes you

It’s you that changes the storm


And then you’ll stand in sunlight

The clouds will come to break

You’ll think of those who helped you

Pull you from its wake